Action for Computational Thinking in Social Sciences (ACTISS) is an Erasmus+ project aimed to develop engaging and accessible online courses introducing the basics of computational social sciences.

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Decision Making in a Complex World: Using Computer Simulations to Understand Human Behaviour (FutureLearn)

Understand how humans make decisions by exploring illustrative videos, short articles, and simulations on your own computer. Gain insights into the social phenomena around making choices. People use social cues to help them make decisions in diverse situations. This information is often scarce and uncertain but is also sometimes [...]

Understanding Human Behaviour: Introduction to Game Theory and Shared Resources (FutureLearn)

Explore the issues humans face when sharing and cooperating, and use game theory, models, and simulations to identify solutions. ​​Expand your understanding of social sciences. This four-week course will help you explore why sharing goods or tasks is difficult. You’ll enrich your understanding of the problems people have when [...]

People, Networks and Neighbours: Understanding Social Dynamics (FutureLearn)

Learn why social processes seem so unpredictable and understand better the basics of social dynamics. Explore a new way of approaching questions about social behaviour. This three-week course will help you understand why social processes seem so unpredictable and understand better the basics of social [...]

Social Network Analysis: The Networks Connecting People (FutureLearn)

Explore the structure and dynamics of different types of social networks and use models to identify patterns of social influence. Learn how norms, viruses and info spread through social networks. Have you ever wondered how a tiny virus can spread across the planet, how people share false information through [...]