Computational Modeling

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Dynamical Modeling Methods for Systems Biology (Coursera)

An introduction to dynamical modeling techniques used in contemporary Systems Biology research. We take a case-based approach to teach contemporary mathematical modeling techniques. The course is appropriate for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students. Lectures provide biological background and describe the development of both classical mathematical models [...]

Algebra & Algorithms (Coursera)

Algebra is one of the definitive and oldest branches of mathematics, and design of computer algorithms is one of the youngest. Despite this generation gap, the two disciplines beautifully interweave. Firstly, modern computers would be somewhat useless if they were not able to carry out arithmetic and algebraic computations [...]

Understanding Human Behaviour: Introduction to Game Theory and Shared Resources (FutureLearn)

Explore the issues humans face when sharing and cooperating, and use game theory, models, and simulations to identify solutions. ​​Expand your understanding of social sciences. This four-week course will help you explore why sharing goods or tasks is difficult. You’ll enrich your understanding of the problems people have when [...]

BioGraph: Teaching Biology Through Systems, Models, & Argumentation (edX)

This six-week interactive and collaborative course integrates systems thinking with computer models designed to ‘bring biology to life’. You will learn how to use online simulations to develop core biology content and practices, aligned with the NGSS.