Leading Teams

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Personal Leadership Development Planning and Leading High Performing Teams (Coursera)

An actionable leadership improvement plan enables you to leverage strengths and close the gaps on weaknesses. In this course, you will build your own plan that you can put into practice immediately and realize goals within the next two years. It lays the foundation for an evergreen process of [...]
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Influencing People (Coursera)

This course will improve your ability to influence people in situations where you cannot use formal authority. You will learn about effective ways to build, develop, and sustain a power base in your organization. You will also learn influence tactics that enable you to be more persuasive and influential [...]
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Leading Teams (Coursera)

In this course, you will learn how to build your team, improve teamwork and collaboration, and sustain team performance through continuous learning and improvement. Specifically, you will learn best practices for composing a team and aligning individual and team goals. You will also learn how to establish roles, build [...]
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Intercultural Management (Coursera)

This MOOC explores different aspects of intercultural management, including teams, leadership, Human Resource Management, marketing and negotiations. When you complete this MOOC, you will have a richer understanding of the concept of culture, and how culture influences the way that individuals behave. [...]
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Leading Culturally Diverse Teams in the Workplace (FutureLearn)

Mar 1st 2021
Leading Culturally Diverse Teams in the Workplace (FutureLearn)
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Explore why cultural diversity matters in the workplace and how multicultural teams can benefit your organisation. Cultural diversity in the workplace allows organisations to benefit from differing opinions and approaches. Cross-cultural management is integral to the successful performance of teams. On this course, you will gain global perspectives on [...]
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Dealing with Power and Dynamics: Discover Your Leadership Style and Influence Stakeholders (edX)

Learn to lead teams and manage stakeholders effectively and strategically to encourage cooperation and successful performance. Engineers have unique skills that give them the potential to be highly competent business leaders. As leaders, engineers have clear advantages: they are analytical, technically skilled, project-based, good with numbers and well-used to [...]
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Inspiring and Motivating Arts and Culture Teams (edX)

Learn critical leadership skills that enable you to inspire and motivate individuals and teams, specifically in Arts and Culture organizations. Offered by the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan in collaboration with National Arts Strategies Senior Management Institute, this course focuses on equipping senior leaders of [...]
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