Team Management

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Setting Clear Expectations (Coursera)

Welcome to Leading StandOut Teams: Setting Clear Expectations. This course will explore how to follow the practice shared by the world’s best team leaders - frequent 1:1s. We'll take a look at how to provide clarity to your team about their roles, and then explore how you as a [...]

Establishing Team Purpose (Coursera)

Welcome to Leading StandOut Teams: Establishing Team Purpose. This course will help you craft your story and learn how to get even better at telling stories about purpose that will have a profound impact on your team. Then, we’re going to talk about rituals for keeping your team connected. [...]

Valuing Excellence (Coursera)

Welcome to Leading StandOut Teams: Valuing Excellence! In this course we’ll discuss how team culture and environment make a big difference to individual and organizational success; help you define success for and with your team; and explore how you can create the conditions that make your team feel comfortable [...]

Putting Strengths to Work (Coursera)

Welcome to Leading StandOut Teams: Putting Strengths to Work! This course will explore and deepen your capacity to identify and communicate where your team members do their best work. We will look at how being aware of and drawing attention to strengths -- more than weaknesses -- will [...]

Data Analytics in Sports Law and Team Management (Coursera)

This course provides an introduction to the fundamental ideas in applying data analytics to issues surrounding key regulatory and management functions within the sports industry. Sports as an industry is increasingly relying on data analytics for more effective deployment of resources and assessment of performance in areas ranging from [...]

Managing Innovation: Ambidexterity, Teams and Leading Change (Coursera)

You may have noticed that what is new often behaves differently than what has become accepted over time, whether it is in a market, or a technology, or involves people and firms. Much research supports these general ideas, and one implication is that management of innovation often requires [...]

Liderança de Equipes na Era Digital (Coursera)

Nossas boas-vindas ao Curso Liderança de Equipes na Era Digital. Vivemos em um mundo digital em plena era da disrupção. As equipes são compostas por pessoas de diferentes gerações, com diferentes valores, potenciais e habilidades. Além da grande diversidade de perfis eventos emergentes, como a rápida expansão e adoção [...]

Cross-Cultural Communication and Management (Coursera)

Communication is much more than the words you say. And cultural communication is much more than just the language you speak. What you say is never interpreted exactly as you meant it and what you hear is never what was meant by what was said. When you mix in [...]

Protect and Grow Your Freelancing Business (Coursera)

Dec 12th 2022
Protect and Grow Your Freelancing Business (Coursera)
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The fourth course in the Building Your Freelancing Career specialization includes an overview of laws surrounding freelance work and how to navigate them, how to prepare for taxes, intellectual property considerations, and how to protect one's work through legally sound contracts and agreements.

Stepping Up: Preparing Yourself for Leadership (Coursera)

In this course, you will explore the importance of self awareness and feedback, as well as issues such as bias and imposter syndrome. As a leader, it is important to know when to step in and lead, as well as how to establish boundaries and resolve conflict. This [...]