Food Systems

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Engaging with Controversies in the Food System (FutureLearn)

Become more confident in making informed decisions about the food you eat by exploring different food controversies. Learn how to assess the reliability of different sources of food information. Consumers have never been confronted with so much food choice. Making a decision on what food to eat is affected [...]
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Sustainable Global Food Systems (edX)

How do we feed 11 billion people? Discover the importance of sustainable food systems on a global scale. We are currently facing one of the biggest challenges worldwide: how to feed a growing population without exhausting global resources. This course examines food security from a food systems perspective and [...]
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Global Food Security: Addressing the Challenge (FutureLearn)

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Global Food Security: Addressing the Challenge (FutureLearn)
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How will we feed an extra two billion people by the middle of this century? In this course, we introduce the issue of food security and explore some of the different ways in which it has been described both in research and in practice and consider key concerns for the future.
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Food and our Future: Sustainable Food Systems in Southeast Asia (FutureLearn)

Explore how to make food systems more sustainable and resource-smart for our environment, health and food security. How can food systems become more sustainable in the face of population growth, urbanisation, and environmental degradation? How can a food systems approach help in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals? This course [...]
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Retos de la Agricultura y la Alimentación en el Siglo XXI (edX)

Reflexionaremos sobre agricultura y alimentación en un planeta que tiene que alimentar a una población creciente con recursos limitados. El planeta se enfrenta al reto de alimentar a una población creciente en un escenario de limitación de recursos, mercados agroalimentarios imperfectos, crisis de alimentos, y población rural vulnerable. El [...]
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Developing Food Bank Nutrition Policy to Procure Healthful Foods (

Food banks are important community organizations that provide charitable food assistance to food insecure households. Food banks rely heavily on donated foods and beverages and government supplied foods for their inventory. Until recently, there were no nutrition guidelines for food banks to follow in deciding the types of foods [...]
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