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[email protected]: CVs (edX)

Be the last they have to read – Be the first they want to call! This course will help you create clear and creative CVs that stand out. Our industry professionals will give you clear instructions on what to include and what not to include as content as well as tips on formatting your CV.

Introduction to air transportation and aviation management (edX)

Learn the fundamentals of air transportation and aviation management. Aviation is essential for global business as it supports worldwide travelling and cargo transportation. Before COVID-19, the economic benefits generated by the industry across countries showed a growing trend. This course is aimed to provide learners with a broad understanding [...]

Innovation and Technology Management in Tourism and Hospitality (edX)

Learn about information and communication technologies [ICTs] and innovations in the hotel and tourism industries. Gain an in-depth understanding of the strategic applications of ICT (information and communication technologies) innovations in the hospitality and tourism industry. You will learn about the roles of ICT infrastructures and tools in shaping [...]

Managing Human Resources in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry (edX)

Understand essential human resources concepts and theories and analyze contemporary issues in the management of human capital. In this business and management course, we will analyze contemporary issues in the management of human capital in the hotel and tourism industry, within both macro- and [...]

Managing Marketing in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry (edX)

Learn the latest principles and theories in marketing and how to apply them to the hospitality and tourism industry. Marketing within the hotel and tourism industry presents unique challenges, as marketers are tasked with selling services and memories rather than goods. In this hospitality management course, you will learn [...]

Luxury Management (edX)

Understand the power of a luxury brand and gain the business skills needed to provide premium goods and services within the hotel and tourism industry. Learn strategies and skills for managing luxury brands within the hotel and tourism industry. You will analyze the essence of a luxury brand and [...]

Interdisciplinary Management of Cardiopulmonary Health and Disease - Pulmonary Focus (edX)

Learn how different healthcare professionals work together to give holistic management for patients with pulmonary diseases. Want to explore more about common pulmonary diseases and their management? Don't miss this FREE online course conducted by a team of dedicated healthcare [...]

Data Analytics in Accounting and Finance (edX)

Understand key concepts in the data analytics process, along with the practical application of data sets in the accounting and finance context. This data analytics course takes an interdisciplinary approach to describe the data analytics process in the context of accounting and finance. The growing volume of both structured [...]

Playing with Fire! (edX)

‘Playing with Fire’ introduces the complex challenge fire hazard represents to human activities. While learning about fundamentals of fire science and how professionals deal with this hazard, you’ll learn things like why a candle flame has the shape it has and how fire fighters use fire to suppress [...]

Operations Research: an Active Learning Approach (edX)

Learn the methodology and some prominent techniques of Operations Research to make informed decisions for solving your operational problems without the need of advanced mathematics. Operations management deals with operational planning and control issues, and is needed in all sectors of the society. One of the challenges to operations [...]