Human Vision

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The Limits of Human Perception (Coursera)

Jun 24th 2024
The Limits of Human Perception (Coursera)
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Course 3 explores the perceptual capacities and limitations of humans and computers. It discusses various types of visual, auditory, and tactile displays and how they can be used to create effective interfaces.

How We See the World: Visual Function and Eye Health (edX)

Develop your understanding of vision and discover how visual functions relate to your daily life. Learn and apply techniques to help you take better care of your eyes. How do we see the world? How do we see details at different viewing distances? How do we see in three [...]

Robotic Vision: Principles of Vision (FutureLearn)

What is vision? Learn the basics of human and robot vision, the concept of perspective and the constituent parts of an image. Discover the principles of vision and how robots can be programmed to see.