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Oct 24th 2016

As the fastest-growing sectors of the current global economy, both hospitality and healthcare services sector offer tremendous growth opportunities for incumbents and entrepreneurial opportunities for new entrants. To flourish on these opportunities, one must first understand each industry's unique characteristics. This course is designed to help those who are interested in career advancement opportunities in these industries or who want to be inspired by these industries to better equip themselves with enlightened and creative management capabilities.

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Jun 7th 2016

Learn how China and Chinese travelers play an important role in the global tourism and hospitality sector, and prepare for your first trip to China. China is one of the world’s most populated countries and one of the largest markets with an increasingly powerful economy. As a result, China influences the world with its outbound travel, trade, politics and culture.

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Apr 25th 2016

Discover the role that cooking and hospitality play in international relations. Explore the rising discipline of gastrodiplomacy. Diplomacy and hospitality are similar in many ways: they bring people from various cultural and social origins together. In international politics, the ritual of meal preparation can help mitigate potentially contentious relationships. Table manners can be the source of pride and distinction. Taste is an inexhaustible topic of conversation and debate. Moreover, the art of seating, servingand addressing guests according to their importance – far from being outdated – is still important in today’s globalised, standardised world.

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Jan 25th 2016

The world’s top-rated School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University introduces you to the fast-growing world of hospitality and hotel management.

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Self Paced

This MOOC will teach you the fundamentals that you need to start a business. In this course, you will explore “A Business Journey with Caffeine Cafe”. Here, you will be able to understand the fundamentals on the processes of setting up a cafe business and you may apply the same concepts and processes in setting up any business enterprise.

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