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Aug 21st 2017

En el curso valuación de empresas, el administrador financiero enfrentará una decisión financiera una vez que una empresa ha llegado al punto en que pueda expandirse y adquirir o fusionarse con otras empresas. Antes de tomar tal decisión el administrador financiero deberá evaluar las ventajas y desventajas de una integración horizontal o vertical, por lo que la empresa deberá valuar primero así misma y en segundo termino a la empresa objetivo con base en diferentes modelos como Black and Scholes, Valor Económico Agregado (EVA), Generación Económica Operativa (GEO), etc.

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Aug 14th 2017

In this course, you will learn foundations of financial accounting information. You will start your journey with a general overview of what financial accounting information is and the main financial statements. You will then learn how to code financial transactions in financial accounting language.

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Aug 14th 2017

In this course, you will explore advanced topics in financial accounting. You will start your journey with accounting for assets with more than one-year life. You will learn in detail how firms account for fixed assets. You will then move to financing of assets and discuss accounting for liabilities. The course will continue with an in-depth exploration of shareholders’ equity. Finally, you will critically evaluate preparation, components, and analysis of cash flows statement.

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Aug 14th 2017

Las finanzas corporativas son importantes en cualquier organización pues nos dan a conocer las necesidades de inversión y financiamiento de cualquier ente económico. Son indispensables para que el administrador financiero tome decisiones correctas en las áreas de operación, inversión y financiamiento para tal efecto, requiere de una serie de herramientas que le permitan planear, monitorear y controlar los recursos monetarios de una organización.

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Aug 14th 2017

In this course, you will start by reviewing the fundamentals of investments, including the trading off of return and risk when forming a portfolio, asset pricing models such as the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and the 3-Factor Model, and the efficient market hypothesis.

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Jul 31st 2017

Personal and Family Financial Planning will address many critical personal financial management topics in order to help you learn prudent habits both while in school and throughout your lifetime.

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May 8th 2017

El curso planteado comprende los siguientes contenidos: la gestión del presupuesto familiar y la interpretación de la información económica; la adopción de las decisiones financieras; el dinero, los medios de pago y los depósitos; la renta fija y la renta variable; los fondos de inversión y los productos de revisión; y los préstamos.

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Jan 23rd 2017

How do governments acquire and spend public money? Take a fresh look at public financial management with this free online course. What went wrong in Greece’s handling of its public debt? How does a city government like Detroit go from prosperity to bankruptcy? And how could the looting, theft and corruption in Malawi’s “cashgate” have been avoided?

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Jun 13th 2016

Ziel des Kurses ist es, insbesondere Personen ohne betriebswirtschaftlichen Hintergrund in kompakter Form einen Überblick über das wichtigste Handwerkszeug zur finanziellen Führung von Unternehmen zu vermitteln. Der Kurs beinhaltet Module in den Bereichen Buchhaltung und Bilanzierung, Kostenrechnung und Controlling, Finanzierung und Investition sowie Corporate Governance. Das Online-Angebot vermittelt die Zusammenhänge, zeigt Steuerungsgrössen für eine erfolgreiche Weiterentwicklung auf und versucht, praxisorientierte Antworten zu finden.

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Self Paced

Manage your money effectively by learning how to budget and save. What you do not know about money can really affect your entire life! Financial Literacy is a free, online introductory course about personal financial management. In this interactive multimedia course, a series of seven dynamic modules covering everything from how to set up your first bank account to planning for your retirement will put you on the path to financial fitness!

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Feb 15th 2016

Éclairages théoriques et pratiques sur les fondamentaux de la gestion des risques financiers.

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Self Paced

You may have heard it said that finance is the language of business, but all too often this language is opaque, complex and poorly understood by entrepreneurs. This is a shame, because the underlying concepts are as straightforward as they are powerful. This course is designed to demystify the key financial concepts you’ll need to start, run and grow a successful venture. We’ll begin with the absolute basics which, once mastered, will allow you design profitability and healthy cash flow into your business. You’ll learn about staying in control of the money, when to seek professional advice and about your financial reporting obligations as a business owner. The second half of the course deals with raising the money you’ll need to get started and to fuel the growth of the business.

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