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Jun 5th 2017

A good project schedule helps all team members’ work together to meet project objectives. A project budget with realistic cost constraints is also an essential bedrock of any project. In this course you’ll learn to plan and stick to time and cost constraints in order to ensure the success of your projects.

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Jun 5th 2017

Learn how managerial accounting is used to facilitate and guide business decisions. Topics will include planning (e.g., budgets), variance analysis, and overall performance measurement.

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Jun 5th 2017

Tome las riendas de sus decisiones financieras y aprenda cómo estas repercuten sobre la rentabilidad de su unidad y su organización. En este curso, obtendrá información básica sobre conceptos contables y financieros que le permitirán impulsar el crecimiento de su organización.

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Jun 5th 2017

Las finanzas corporativas son importantes en cualquier organización pues nos dan a conocer las necesidades de inversión y financiamiento de cualquier ente económico. Son indispensables para que el administrador financiero tome decisiones correctas en las áreas de operación, inversión y financiamiento para tal efecto, requiere de una serie de herramientas que le permitan planear, monitorear y controlar los recursos monetarios de una organización.

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Jun 5th 2017

Financial Planning for Young Adults (FPYA), developed in partnership with the CFP Board, is designed to provide an introduction to basic financial planning concepts for young adults. The FPYA course is organized across eight separate modules within a 4-week window. Topics covered include financial goal setting, saving and investing, budgeting, financial risk, borrowing and credit.

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May 29th 2017

With a fixed capacity, a highly disposable product and high fixed costs, hotels are a natural candidate for the application of revenue management. Originally developed by the airlines in the 1970s, these analytics-based techniques help predict consumer behavior at the hotel’s market level so that the hotel can sell each room each night at the optimum price. With modern-day rising acquisition costs and distribution complexities, revenue management techniques have increasingly been adopted by both small and large hotel companies, making a comprehensive understanding of segmentation, forecasting and pricing an essential requirement for today’s hospitality professionals. The purpose of this course is to provide a core understanding of the fundamentals of revenue management, which ties into the larger picture of revenue strategy. The course is structured to provide an insightful look into Revenue Management.

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Apr 3rd 2017

With household budgets feeling the pinch this course shows how to bring order to your finances and make good financial decisions. Finance Fundamentals: Financial Planning and Budgeting starts by looking at the current economic backcloth and its impact on household finances. We then move on to explore your attitude to financial management and whether you have bad financial habits and how these should be addressed.

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Aug 18th 2016

Learn accounting and finance basics so you can effectively analyze business data to make key management decisions.

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