Healthcare Management

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Supervision du raisonnement clinique (Coursera)

Si vous supervisez des étudiants, des stagiaires en clinique, ou encore des internes en formation post graduée, ce MOOC sur la supervision du raisonnement clinique en contexte de soins est pour vous ! Vous y trouverez une modélisation du raisonnement clinique, ainsi que des outils concrets et efficaces pour [...]

Foundations of Healthcare Systems Engineering (Coursera)

Through dynamic video lectures and practical application questions, you will learn about the Foundations of Healthcare Systems Engineering. In this course you will learn about the current lack of synchronized, efficient, and integrated healthcare systems, which are some of the drivers for improvements to healthcare delivery. [...]

U.S. Health Law Fundamentals (Coursera)

This course explores how statutes, regulations, common law, and market forces help or hinder three major goals of policy makers: increasing access, reducing cost, and improving quality. We will examine the Supreme Court’s rulings on the ACA and other legal aspects of modern health care reform.

Population Health: Alternative Payment Models (Coursera)

May 23rd 2022
Population Health: Alternative Payment Models (Coursera)
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The way we currently pay our care providers lead to suboptimal outcomes and unnecessary spending. Consequently, we fail to maximize the value of our health care services. We need to change provider payment models in order to keep health care systems financial sustainability. Doing nothing is not an option. [...]

Implementing a Patient Safety or Quality Improvement Project (Patient Safety V) (Coursera)

Now that you’ve carefully planned your patient safety and quality improvement project, the real work can begin. This course will introduce students to the unique challenges encountered when implementing, maintaining, and expanding a patient safety and quality initiative. Students will learn to apply lessons learned from the 4 E [...]

Measuring the Success of a Patient Safety or Quality Improvement Project (Patient Safety VI) (Coursera)

How will you know if your patient safety and quality project is meeting its objectives? Peter Drucker once said “What gets measured, gets managed.” In this course, students will learn why measurement is critical to quality improvement work. Equally important, they will learn which data sources provide the most [...]

Setting the Stage for Success: An Eye on Safety Culture and Teamwork (Patient Safety II) (Coursera)

Safety culture is a facet of organizational culture that captures attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, and values about safety. A culture of safety is essential in high reliability organizations and is a critical mechanism for the delivery of safe and high-quality care. It requires a strong commitment from leadership [...]

Planning a Patient Safety or Quality Improvement Project (Patient Safety III) (Coursera)

This course provides students with a set of tools and methodologies to plan and initiate a Problem Solving or Quality Improvement project. The first module presents methods for selecting, scoping and structuring a project before it is even initiated. It also introduces the project classifications of implementation and [...]

Healthcare Marketplace (Coursera)

In this course in the Healthcare Marketplace specialization you will identify, define, and describe potential business and public policy solutions to the challenges facing society’s growing demand for health services. Students will master a body of knowledge on the health care sectors major components through reading and reflection. [...]