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Jul 3rd 2017

Learn how Patient Reported Outcome Measures and Quality Adjusted Life Years can compare treatments and inform healthcare spending. Healthcare systems around the world are increasingly under pressure to fund drugs, treatments and other healthcare interventions. No-one has the money or resources to provide them all, so how do we decide which ones to fund?

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Jan 23rd 2017

Find out how and why you should engage patients and communities in the development of new healthcare technology and treatments. The development of healthcare treatments has given people hope to fight diseases. However, humans are born to be afraid of advanced technologies. As such, it is critical that medical professionals have the skills to explain the benefits of treatments to patients and, ideally, involve them in the development of new treatments in the first place.

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Jun 15th 2016

El curso pretende sensibilizar sobre la temática de la seguridad clínica y abordar el origen y las principales estrategias que los diversos organismos internacionales están desarrollando. Entre algunas de ellas la identificación del paciente, comunicación efectiva, medicación, infecciones hospitalarias, etc.

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Sep 9th 2014

Our goal is to educate you about participatory medicine and empower you to create a more inclusive, collaborative healthcare system for patients. In this course, you will learn the science of habit formation, behavior change, and decision-making.

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Jun 2nd 2014

Health professionals and students and health consumers interested in learning about patient safety will acquire foundational knowledge of the principles of the science and culture of safety in healthcare in this five-week course.

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