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Jul 3rd 2017

This course begins a series of classes illustrating the power of computing in modern biology. Please join us on the frontier of bioinformatics to look for hidden messages in DNA without ever needing to put on a lab coat.

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Jun 19th 2017

What is a genome? A genome contains all of the information that a cell needs to develop, function, and reproduce itself, and all the information needed for those cells to come together to form a person, plant, or animal. Genomes contain an organism’s complete set of genes, and also the even tinier genetic structures that help regulate when and how those genes are used.

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Jun 12th 2017

Курс «Введение в биоинформатику» адресован тем, кто хочет получить расширенное представление о том, что такое биоинформатика и как она помогает биологам и медикам в их работе. The course is aimed at those who would like to have a better idea of what bioinformatics is and how it helps biologists and medical scientists in research and clinical work.

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May 22nd 2017

Learn how whole genome sequencing works and what it could mean for the future of healthcare with this free online course. Whole genome sequencing is a relatively new technology that allows us to ‘read’ a person’s or organism’s entire genetic code. But how does it work and what does it mean for all of us? How do scientists begin to make sense of the vast amount of information that whole genome sequencing provides? And what does this new technology mean for the future of healthcare and personalised medicine?

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May 15th 2017

This course explains how computer science supports the interpretation of the text of genomes. It introduces genomics and algorithmics in a joint approach.

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Apr 19th 2017

ll corso di Genetica presenta una descrizione storica delle scoperte chiave condotte nel secolo scorso che hanno portato ai moderni concetti di gene e di genoma, con particolare enfasi sul metodo scientifico.

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Apr 17th 2017

En este MOOC introductorio al conocimiento del genoma humano, aprenderá acerca de la estructura, función y aplicación básica del genoma humano en la investigación biomédica actual. ¿Ha escuchado muchas cosas sobre el genoma humano, pero desea entender los aspectos básicos que lo describen o lo explican? ¡Este es un curso para usted! Reconozca de forma amigable las generalidades del genoma humano, y sobre todo el impacto de su estudio.

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Self Paced

This course contains selected topics that will help participants understand applications of molecular biology in medicine. Topics include reading the primary literature, molecular techniques, DNA recombination, and genome expression.

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Mar 16th 2015

This is the second course in a two-part series on bioinformatics algorithms, covering the following topics: evolutionary tree reconstruction, applications of combinatorial pattern matching for read mapping, gene regulatory analysis, protein classification, computational proteomics, and computational aspects of human genetics.

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Self Paced Course - Start anytime

This course is a journey into the biology of the human genome and will highlight the scientific, social, and personal perspectives of people living with a variety of traits.

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Sep 30th 2013

Each of our cells contains nearly identical copies of our genome, which provides instructions that allow us to develop and function. This course serves as an introduction to the main laboratory and theoretical aspects of genomics and is divided into themes: genomes, genetics, functional genomics, systems biology, single cell approaches, proteomics, and applications.

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