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Cáncer de próstata (Coursera)

El profesional de la salud que lleve a cabo este curso tendrá presente la importancia de conocer el tema de cáncer de próstata, esto por ser el tumor maligno más frecuente en los hombres; además de identificar los factores de riesgo asociados a la presentación de la enfermedad y [...]

Uso prudente de antimicrobianos en el entorno hospitalario (Coursera)

La resistencia a los antimicrobianos es actualmente un problema de salud pública a nivel mundial, que se incrementa debido al uso inadecuado de antimicrobianos en diferentes escenarios, uno de estos es durante la atención en salud en un entorno hospitalario, u otro centro de atención médica, escenario en el [...]

Pioneers of Medicine and Medical Breakthroughs in Taiwan (Coursera)

Jun 12th 2023
Pioneers of Medicine and Medical Breakthroughs in Taiwan (Coursera)
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Through ages, doctors and scientists have worked hard to fight against different diseases, but it is not easy to find the effective way to deal with them. However, it is a lot faster and easier to approach new problems nowadays with the help of past experience and modern technology. [...]

Public Health in Humanitarian Crises 2 (Coursera)

This course, Public Health in Humanitarian Crises 2, addresses public health issues of people affected by disasters, both natural or conflict-related. It discusses the many changes that occur in people’s lives when they are uprooted by a disaster, including many important topics related to humanitarian crises, such as [...]

Global Disease Masterclass: Non-communicable Diseases (Coursera)

Welcome to this course on the aetiology, epidemiology and interventions for non-communicable diseases of the Global Diseases Masterclass. We’ve selected four disease areas and will go through each in turn. The diseases we’ve chosen are: Colorectal Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), Dementia, and Diabetes. We have selected these non-communicable diseases [...]

Global Disease Masterclass: Communicable Diseases Epidemiology, Intervention and Prevention (Coursera)

This course is all about infectious diseases. We’ve selected four disease areas — HIV, Malaria, Emerging Infectious Diseases (Ebola and Zika), and TB — and we will go through each in turn. We’ve selected these diseases because they span a range of different types of disease and allow us [...]

Global Disease Masterclass: Global Disease Distribution (Coursera)

The Global Diseases Masterclass is part of the full-degree Masters of Public Health that the School of Public Health. By the end of this specialisation, our aim is that students will be able to critically apply epidemiological concepts to major global diseases and be able to appraise and recommend [...]

Genomics: Decoding the Universal Language of Life (Coursera)

What is a genome? A genome contains all of the information that a cell needs to develop, function, and reproduce itself, and all the information needed for those cells to come together to form a person, plant, or animal. Genomes contain an organism’s complete set of genes, and also [...]

Clinical Terminology for International and U.S. Students (Coursera)

Understanding the clinical terms and abbreviations commonly used in U.S. hospitals is challenging. Adaptation to clinical language can be difficult for U.S. students entering the clinical area and even more so for international students whose primary language is not English. This course is designed to help both groups of [...]

Precision Medicine (Coursera)

This course will provide you with the key knowledge and tools to understand the fundamentals and practical implications of precision medicine, its opportunities and challenges. It will address precision-medicine era diagnostics, treatment selection, genetic counseling, public health interventions, and biomedical research. It will also deal with data science and [...]