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Reflections from 40 Years Fighting International Epidemics (Coursera)

Nov 27th 2023
Reflections from 40 Years Fighting International Epidemics (Coursera)
Course Auditing
Reflections on patients, policies, pan-epidemics, prose and medical humanities from a 40-year career fighting epidemics around the world by an infectious disease public health physician. Examples include HIV/AIDS, Anthrax, SARS, MERS, H5N1 and H1N1 influenza, Nipah, Ebola (with MSF 2014), Zika, Plague (with WHO 2017) and COVID-19. Working [...]

AIDS: Fear and Hope (Coursera)

The basic biology of the virus, HIV, and the disease it causes, AIDS. The economic, social and political factors that determine who gets sick and who remains healthy, who lives and who dies. The progress of scientific research and medical treatments. The reasons for hope; the reasons for fear.

Epidemics - the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases (Coursera)

Not so long ago, it was almost guaranteed that you would die of an infectious disease. In fact, had you been born just 150 years ago, your chances of dying of an infectious disease before you've reached the tender age of 5 would have been extremely high. Since then, [...]

Adherencia al tratamiento de pacientes con enfermedad crónica (edX)

En este curso aprenderá a reconocer y valorar los factores psicosociales y las estrategias que facilitan a pacientes con enfermedad crónica (diabetes, hipertensión y VIH-sida, etc.), la adherencia al tratamiento y el impacto en su calidad de vida.

Diagnóstico de HIV (TELELAB)

O curso aborda a morfologia do vírus da imunodeficiência humana (HIV), sua multiplicação e a presença de marcadores sorológicos circulantes. Descreve os princípios metodológicos de métodos para o diagnóstico da infecção e explica os procedimentos para a coleta de material, realização dos testes, leitura e interpretação dos resultados. Apresenta [...]

Clinical Management of HIV (iversity)

New advancements and achievements in the field of HIV research occur every year. Join us for a practical course on the clinical management of HIV: the latest findings, guidelines and how to manage, treat and prevent HIV-related diseases.

Representations of HIV/AIDS (edX)

We will explore how HIV/AIDS has been portrayed in diverse genres through the perspectives of the scientist and the literary critic. This class engages students in a transdisciplinary conversation about representations of HIV/AIDS: in science writing, journalism, visual art, literature, drama, and popular culture. [...]