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E.g., 2017-06-09
E.g., 2017-06-09
May 15th 2017

The basic biology of the virus, HIV, and the disease it causes, AIDS. The economic, social and political factors that determine who gets sick and who remains healthy, who lives and who dies. The progress of scientific research and medical treatments. The reasons for hope; the reasons for fear.

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O curso aborda a morfologia do vírus da imunodeficiência humana (HIV), sua multiplicação e a presença de marcadores sorológicos circulantes. Descreve os princípios metodológicos de métodos para o diagnóstico da infecção e explica os procedimentos para a coleta de material, realização dos testes, leitura e interpretação dos resultados. Apresenta as normas e os fluxogramas indicados pelo Ministério da Saúde para o diagnóstico da infecção.

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Feb 26th 2016

New advancements and achievements in the field of HIV research occur every year. Join us for a practical course on the clinical management of HIV: the latest findings, guidelines and how to manage, treat and prevent HIV-related diseases.

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Feb 25th 2013

This course will discuss HIV/AIDS in the US and around the world including its history, science, and culture as well as recent developments in prevention education, biomedical research, vaccine development, HIV testing, and current treatments.

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