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Everyday Chinese Medicine (Coursera)

This course aims to serve as an education platform on Chinese medicine (CM) for the general public. Our primary goal is to empower healthcare choices by promoting awareness and practical application on CM diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, as well as regulation on CM services and herbal products using international [...]

The Heart, Blood, and Lungs (Coursera)

May 20th 2024
The Heart, Blood, and Lungs (Coursera)
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In this course on The Heart, Blood, and Lungs, you will learn about the wonderful diversity of the cardiovascular, immune, and respiratory systems and the medical language that is used to describe these systems. Throughout each Lesson, the roots of terms are explained to help students understand how medical [...]
May 20th 2024
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45.00 EUR/month

Blood Film Morphology - A Practical Guide (Coursera)

This is a unique online course which teaches students the basics of blood film analysis. This course is specifically tailored to those with a background in Medical Science, Medicine or Pathology who are studying or starting work in a haematology laboratory but also serves as a valuable continuing education [...]

Respiration in the Human Body (edX)

Learn about respiration and the function of the lungs, oxygen and CO₂ in the body from medical experts. How do we breathe? What is the purpose of our lungs? What is the link between oxygen and life ? These questions open a vast field of discovery to help us [...]

Coleta de sangue - Diagnóstico e monitoramento das DST, AIDS e Hepatites Virais (TELELAB)

A proposta do curso é atualizar a capacitação do aluno para os procedimentos de coleta de sangue, disponibilizando orientações e metodologias adequadas para realização do processo. O curso contempla procedimentos de acolhimento do paciente ao transporte de amostras enfatizando itens de segurança.

Diagnóstico de Sífilis (TELELAB)

A proposta do curso é de atualização no uso de testes treponêmicos e não treponêmicos para o diagnóstico da sífilis e o monitoramento do tratamento. Aborda a história da sífilis no Brasil, os tipos de testes atualmente utilizados. Orienta o preparo da suspensão antigênica para a reação de VDRL [...]