Antimicrobial Resistance

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Whole genome sequencing of bacterial genomes - tools and applications (Coursera)

This course will cover the topic of Whole genome sequencing (WGS) of bacterial genomes which is becoming more and more relevant for the medical sector. WGS technology and applications are high on international political agenda, as the classical methods are being replaced by WGS technology and [...]

Uso prudente de antimicrobianos en el entorno hospitalario (Coursera)

La resistencia a los antimicrobianos es actualmente un problema de salud pública a nivel mundial, que se incrementa debido al uso inadecuado de antimicrobianos en diferentes escenarios, uno de estos es durante la atención en salud en un entorno hospitalario, u otro centro de atención médica, escenario en el [...]

Global Health at the Human-Animal-Ecosystem Interface (Coursera)

The University of Geneva, Institute Pasteur, University of Montreal and Centre Virchow-Villermé/University Paris Descartes welcome you to this new MOOC on "Global Health at the Human-Animal-Ecosystem Interface"! Over the next 5 weeks, you will explore and learn about some of the major and current Global Health Challenges at the [...]

Antimicrobial resistance - theory and methods (Coursera)

The course will cover the topics related to antimicrobial resistance with basic definitions and overview on antimicrobials their use and the emergence and spread of resistance. The course will guide you through the concepts and the importance of resistance spread and dissemination and how that happens. It will [...]

Antibiotic Stewardship (Coursera)

Antibiotics are among the most frequently prescribed classes of drugs and it is estimated that approximately 50% of antibiotic use, in both the outpatient and inpatient settings, is inappropriate. At the same time, in contrast to any other class of drugs, every antibiotic use has a potential public health [...]

Bats, Ducks, and Pandemics: An Introduction to One Health Policy (Coursera)

Welcome to "Bats, Ducks, and Pandemics: An Introduction to One Health Policy". One Health is the concept that human, animal, and environmental/ecosystem health are linked. The concept provides a useful framework for examining complex health issues such as food safety and security, emerging and vector-borne diseases, and antimicrobial [...]

Metagenomics applied to surveillance of pathogens and antimicrobial resistance (Coursera)

The field of metagenomics and whole community sequencing is a promising area to unravel the content of microbial communities and their relationship to disease and antimicrobial resistance in the human population. Bioinformatic tools are extremely important for making sense out of metagenomics data, by estimating the presence of [...]

Using Infection Control to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance (FutureLearn)

Feb 28th 2022
Using Infection Control to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance (FutureLearn)
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Find out how effective infection control in health and social care can tackle the global risk of antimicrobial resistance. Get practical guidance on infection control in health and social care settings. This online course will explore the growing problem of antimicrobial-resistant infections in health and social care settings. You’ll [...]

Diagnostics for AMR: Building Back Better from the COVID-19 Pandemic (FutureLearn)

Gain insight into the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and how innovations can be used to leverage AMR diagnostics. What lessons can the antimicrobial (AMR) response take from COVID-19 events? As the world continues to deal with COVID-19, its impact on other public health issues must also be [...]

Bacterial Genomes: Antimicrobial Resistance in Bacterial Pathogens (FutureLearn)

What's antimicrobial resistance and how can we detect it? Explore the clinical relevance of AMR and the methods used to detect it. Explore the challenges of AMR and learn how experts work to address them. AMR is a public health emergency. Global projections predict the loss of nearly 10 [...]