Video Processing

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Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing (Coursera)

Sep 13th 2021
Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing (Coursera)
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In this class you will learn the basic principles and tools used to process images and videos, and how to apply them in solving practical problems of commercial and scientific interests. Digital images and videos are everywhere these days – in thousands of scientific (e.g., astronomical, bio-medical), consumer, industrial, [...]
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Image and video processing: From Mars to Hollywood with a stop at the hospital (Coursera)

In this course, you will learn the science behind how digital images and video are made, altered, stored, and used. We will look at the vast world of digital imaging, from how computers and digital cameras form images to how digital special effects are used in Hollywood movies to [...]
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Réaliser des vidéos pro avec son smartphone (FUN)

Ce MOOC propose aux apprenants de découvrir les règles de l’art du tournage et du montage, et de réaliser des vidéos courtes (de communication, d’instantané, de fiction, d’actualité, etc.).
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