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Oct 31st 2016

Designing and facilitating online courses with a diverse student population is a challenge for new, as well as experienced online instructors. This course invites your critical reflection on the methods of online instruction; beliefs and potential bias of the online learner; policies and rules and how they align with course objectives; tone and the purpose of communication.

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The 7Cs is a powerful seven-stage process that helps educators and designers create effective courses using digital technologies. In this MOOC, you will learn collaboratively with other students and from experts in the field. Throughout the 6 weeks, you will work on the design (or redesign!) of a technologically enhanced course.

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Creating Effective Online and Blended Courses was produced by the Open Learning Initiative This link opens in a new tab at Stanford University with contributions from the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning This link opens in a new tab at Stanford University. These resources, designed for a general audience of instructors at 2-and 4-year higher education institutions, will help such instructors develop online courses or incorporate online learning approaches in their on-campus classes.

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Nov 17th 2014

This course is designed to show a seven-step process to design an online course using iNacol's quality online course standards.

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