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Apr 10th 2017

In the course participants will learn how to develop a learning module using best practices in pedagogy and instructional design. Using a project-based approach participants will learn and apply the fundamental elements and principles in a module design that leads to higher engagement and learner outcomes.

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Sep 12th 2016

In this project-based course, you’ll gain instructional design experience while developing open educational resources (OER) for instructors and learners in adult basic education programs.

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Want to engage and motivate your students? Keen to create authentic and meaningful learning experiences that really connect? In this course, learn how to design and develop an amazing learning program that your students will love!

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Want to dive into the world of teaching online? In this course, learn how to create an effective MOOC using best practice instructional design and tools within the OpenLearning Platform. Teaching online allows you to connect with more students than ever before. But designing a MOOC that enables students to learn deeply and keeps them engaged and motivated throughout, requires the use of some key pedagogical strategies.

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May 4th 2015

This course introduces participants to instructional design principles for teaching with mobile technology. Mobile technology is a growing and powerful trend; what opportunities does this trend present to those who design online learning? How can we leverage the affordances of mobile technology in ways that make sense for our teaching methods and student learning?

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