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Mathematical Optimization for Engineers (edX)

Feb 1st 2023
Mathematical Optimization for Engineers (edX)
Course Auditing
Learn the mathematical and computational basics for applying optimization successfully. Master the different formulations and the important concepts behind their solution methods. Learn to implement and solve optimization problems in Python through the practical exercises.

Design of mound breakwaters for feasibility studies. Cubipod® Manual 2016 (edX)

The goal of this course is to provide the tools to create feasible designs of mound breakwaters protected with Cubipod® armors fulfiling the prescribed economic, functional and safety requirements. This course is intended for professionals of coastal and port engineering who work in the preliminary design and feasibility studies [...]

Multidisciplinary Research Methods for Engineers (edX)

Engineering is no longer limited to working in a single domain; nowadays engineers increasingly work in multidisciplinary fields. After this course you will be able to carry out all stages of multidisciplinary research using appropriate research methods.

Cellular Polymers: Structure, Properties, Processing, Applications (edX)

Take our MOOC and dive deep into Cellular Polymers. Understand what makes them superior to other materials, how they are processed and why they are used in countless applications in our everyday life. This MOOC is your first step in the pioneering field of Cellular Polymers that connects chemistry, [...]

Ingeniería de Tráfico (Coursera)

El curso presenta en primer lugar las principales relaciones que caracterizan la circulación de vehículos y que dan pie a la teoría de circulación de vehículos sobre redes de transporte. Posteriormente se discutirán aspectos relativos al control de tráfico en intersecciones, sean estas de prioridad o semaforizadas. Finalmente, discutiremos [...]

Site Reliability Engineering: Measuring and Managing Reliability (Coursera)

This course teaches the theory of Service Level Objectives (SLOs), a principled way of describing and measuring the desired reliability of a service. Upon completion, learners should be able to apply these principles to develop the first SLOs for services they are familiar with in their own [...]

3D CAD Application (Coursera)

Do you want to obtain all the necessary skills of a 3D modeler? Do you want to know how an engineer develop a building model in details? The “3D CAD Application” course, the second course of the new specialization, is coming!

Digitalisation in the Aerospace Industry (Coursera)

The online course Digitalisation in Aerospace aims at making you aware of special production requirements connected with digitalisation. You will learn about the role of robotics and automation in manufacturing and gain a better understanding of differing perspectives on research and manufacturing as well as the points where these [...]

Digitalisation in Space Research (Coursera)

This course provides an overview of the most important digital applications in the field of aerospace research. The course instructors discuss how digitalisation is impacting and changing both satellite-based and manned spaceflight research. One unit is specifically devoted to exploring the use of artificial intelligence in the evaluation of [...]

Digitalisation in Aeronautics (Coursera)

The instructors of the online course "Digitalisation in Aeronautics" present a spectrum of different aviation research and application areas, exploring the impact of digitalisation in this specific field, including the effects of digitalisation in simulating the interaction of aircraft components, in overall aircraft development and related decision-making and in [...]