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Conversational English Skills (Coursera)

Do you want to communicate with English speakers fluently? Welcome to our course. The course consists of 6 units with different topics: meeting new people, the people in your life, eating in and eating out, the reason to learn English, good times and bad times, and hobbies. From this [...]

Write Professional Emails in English (Coursera)

This is a course to help you write effective business emails in English. This course is unique because each module will provide tips on writing more professional emails as well as lessons to improve your overall English writing skills. Therefore, you will improve your grammar and vocabulary skills for [...]

English for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (Coursera)

Welcome to English for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, a course created by the University of Pennsylvania, and funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Office of English Language Programs. This course is designed for non-native English speakers who are interested in [...]

Training and Practicing in English Public Speaking (Coursera)

Professor Zhang is Central South University’s top training coach in English speaking and interpreting contests and has engaged in teaching and research on English speaking and interpreting as well as competition training for more than ten years.

Conversational English Skills | 生活英语听说 (edX)

Learn how to effectively communicate in English and improve your conversational language skills. Do you want to communicate with native speakers without any barriers? Let Chinese and foreign teachers and more than 50 friends from the United States, Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and Colombia take you on a different [...]

Learn English Through TV Drama Series: Skipper's Pass (FutureLearn)

Jun 27th 2022
Learn English Through TV Drama Series: Skipper's Pass (FutureLearn)
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Improve your English language skills by watching a short television drama series. Explore a unique and engaging way to learn English. English language classes should grip your imagination and inspire you to speak and write. The unique format of this course allows you to watch an original and exciting [...]

IELTS Academic Test Preparation (edX)

Prepare for the IELTS Academic tests in this comprehensive, self-paced course covering listening, speaking, reading and writing.