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Essentials for English Speeches and Presentations 英语演讲与演示 (Coursera)

Students must learn essential knowledge and skills to deliver an impressive English speech or presentation for academic purposes, job hunting, and business occasions. Global perspectives and inter-cultural communication skills are taught here to facilitate most Chinese English learners. [...]

Training and Practicing in English Public Speaking (Coursera)

Professor Zhang is Central South University’s top training coach in English speaking and interpreting contests and has engaged in teaching and research on English speaking and interpreting as well as competition training for more than ten years.

Comunicación y Pronunciación en Inglés (edX)

Mejora tu pronunciación de inglés por medio de una introducción práctica a la fonología básica del idioma, para aumentar tu confianza y habilidades comunicativas a la hora de hablar inglés. En tu vida diaria y laboral, tal vez te has enfrentado a situaciones en donde tu acento al hablar [...]

English Pronunciation & Accent Training: Transform Your English Speech (Skillshare)

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English Pronunciation & Accent Training: Transform Your English Speech (Skillshare)
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Discover the secrets behind native British English-sounding speech! Get concrete techniques, tips and exercises which you can implement and practice everyday. Be heard more at work and feel confident and effective in your English speech.