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Health, Safety and Wellness in Mining (edX)

Welcome to Health, Safety and Wellness in Mining where you will explore key concepts in the management of health, safety and wellness in mining workforces and communities, including the impacts of new technologies and the importance of human factor considerations.

Adaptive Leadership in Development (edX)

Gain the skills to be an adaptive leader in development and learn how to uncover local solutions to complex problems in developing countries. In order to get the most out of this course, we recommend that you have experience working in the development sector or a strong interest in this area.

Renal, Gastrointestinal and Endocrine Systems (edX)

The renal, gastrointestinal and endocrine systems are key body systems, essential for normal human health. Learn how these systems work together to maintain homeostasis. Comprehending the complexity and integration of the human body systems is the core to learning human physiology.

Tissue Biology (edX)

Learn how cells work together to perform key body functions. Cells are the fundamental living unit of all organisms and they work harmoniously to help us experience and respond to the world around us. This course builds on the cell physiology content in the Specialized Cells course.

Statistics for Business Analytics: Probability (edX)

This is a great course for anyone who wants to gain foundational and critical analysis and statistics skills with no prior background. In this course, we explore the different ways of determining the probability of different events and outcomes. We want to be able to answer questions like: what [...]

Sustainable Resource Recovery from Used Water (edX)

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Sustainable Resource Recovery from Used Water (edX)
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Learn about the latest resource recovery concepts, technologies and products related to sustainable wastewater management. Wastewater is a major end product generated by humans. Traditionally, wastewater has been treated mostly for sanitary and environmental protection reasons, but this waste product harbours an enormous value, both from an ecological and [...]

Sharks! (edX)

Learn about the most fascinating animals on Earth, their sophisticated senses and how sharks and their relatives have impacted human history and culture. Did you know that you can track some sharks’ movements on Twitter? Or that the scales on their skin have influenced the way humans design boats, [...]

Anthropology of Current World Issues (edX)

Learn to use anthropological ideas to see the world from a range of perspectives and points of view. This course will allow you to better understand the world around you through utilising the anthropological lens. You will learn about the way in which anthropology as a discipline can shed [...]

Specialized Cells (edX)

An introduction to cell physiology. Learn how specialized cells perform specific functions. The human body is composed of trillions of cells working together to perform essential body functions. Cells operate in a regulated internal environment, with different types of cells having unique properties suited to their specific functions. In [...]

Cardiovascular & Respiratory Systems (edX)

Gain insight into the complexities of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and how gases and nutrients are regulated in healthy humans. The human body is an amalgamation of specialised and complex systems. Normal, healthy body functions rely on a symphony of these systems, dynamically working in concert to keep [...]