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Playing to Your Strengths by StandOut (Coursera)

Playing to Your Strengths is designed for any professional individual striving to be more productive and more focused today than they were yesterday and those who want to make their greatest contributions at work and in life by embracing a strengths-based mindset. Based on the six-part film series Trombone [...]

Lessons on Wisdom: Personal Leadership for Your Life (Coursera)

Jan 30th 2023
Lessons on Wisdom: Personal Leadership for Your Life (Coursera)
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Lessons on Wisdom: Personal Leadership for Your Life is the culmination of four decades of studying and sharing about leaders and life for Professor Sydney Finkelstein. This course will teach you how to be a wise leader both personally and professionally. It is a personal, meaningful course that encourages [...]

Bienestar para el desarrollo personal y profesional (edX)

Aprende sobre las herramientas y canales que te llevarán a un balance en tu vida, para un mejor desarrollo personal y profesional, logrando conseguir un estado de bienestar integral. El bienestar se ha convertido en una tendencia global que busca el equilibrio y balance en la vida de cada [...]

The Science of Generosity: Do Good...Feel Good (Coursera)

What does it mean to be generous? Can doing good actually make you feel good? In this course, we’ll hear from multiple experts and explore the many facets of generosity by looking closely at the meanings, traits, and motivations behind giving behaviors across communities and cultures. We’ll discuss how [...]

Constructores de Paz (Coursera)

El curso Constructores Paz surgió como resultado de la preocupación de algunos profesores de la Universidad de los Andes por hacer un aporte al proceso de construcción de paz en nuestro país y en el mundo, a partir de prácticas personales y cotidianas. En este curso tendrás la oportunidad [...]

Mapas conceituais para aprender e colaborar (Coursera)

Você aprenderá a fazer bons mapas conceituais, ou seja, mapas que representam com fidelidade o seu entendimento sobre o tema mapeado - revelando o que você sabe e o que você não sabe! Além disso, você vai aprender a: avaliar um mapa conceitual, considerando a forma da sua rede e [...]

Brilliant, Passionate You (Coursera)

This course is an interdisciplinary look at how we can make each day the best day of our lives by examining the question, “How can you be your most brilliant, passionate self?” You will be joined on this journey by our animated host, Lewis! You will envision your “perfect [...]

Cannabis, Mental Health, and Brain Disorders (Coursera)

This Cannabis, Mental Health, and Brain Disorders course is designed to have you think critically about the health effects of cannabis (i.e., marijuana) in the context of several mental health and neurocognitive disorders. You'll be able to identify key features of several anxiety disorders (e.g., panic disorder, generalized anxiety [...]

Leading for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education (Coursera)

This course is open to professionals interested in learning more about leadership in higher education for a changing demographic or interested in developing their own leadership skills. The very idea that individuals can be taught to lead is not without its skeptics. Reasonable people, even some scholars in [...]

Digital Footprint (Coursera)

If I Googled you, what would I find? As we move around the online world we leave tracks and traces of our activity all the time: social media accounts, tagged images, professional presences, scraps of text, but also many artefacts we don't always realise we are leaving behind, or [...]