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Splunk Search Expert 102 (Coursera)

Take the next step in your knowledge of Splunk. In this course, you will learn how to use time differently based on scenarios, learn commands to help process, manipulate and correlate data.

Engineering Project Management: Scope, Time and Cost Management (Coursera)

Scope, time, and cost management are at the heart of successful project management. This course will give you the tools to develop a project scope, schedule and budget and then status them to predict project performance. Throughout the course, you will learn about change management and techniques to implement [...]

Astronomy: Exploring Time and Space (Coursera)

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning more about modern astronomy. We will help you get up to date on the most recent astronomical discoveries while also providing support at an introductory level for those who have no background in science.

Off the Clock: The Many Faces of Time (Coursera)

“Off the Clock: The Many Faces of Time” presents a transdisciplinary and transnational set of perspectives on time. This MOOC aims to expand the learners' understanding of the many facets of time, from our human experience of the present to plants, animals, bacteria, and even art’s relationship to the [...]

How to Make Time for Art- When you have no time (Skillshare)

Self Paced
How to Make Time for Art- When you have no time (Skillshare)
Free Course
This short and sweet class is for all of you that want to carve out time for art in your life, but you feel like you have no time for creativity. I will give you 4 simple tips to incorporate art into your busy life. You deserve to explore [...]

Time and Stress Management (saylor.org)

Effective time management is the key to getting the most out of your day. It helps you improve performance, increase productivity, and reduce stress. Time management is critical to maximizing your day and surviving mounting responsibilities and pressures. Time is your most important resource.