Human Physiology

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Your Body Inside and Out: Using Exercise Physiology to Slow Aging (edX)

This online class will present the latest scientific information on the interaction between aging and physical activity. In an approachable style, you will learn how your physiology changes with age and how different types of movement can impact that trajectory of aging. Physical activity is a powerful medicine and [...]
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Physiology: the Science of Life (FutureLearn)

Get an introduction to human physiology and the amazing systems in our bodies that keep us alive. Physiology is the study of normal function within living things. It examines and explains how organisms, organs and cells carry out the chemical and physical processes that keep us going.
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Human Physiology (

Legacy Course
Human Physiology (
Free Course
Human physiology is the study of the body’s processes, also known as functions. In this course, we will look at each organ system in detail and then discuss the ways in which these systems interact in order to maintain overall body functioning.
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