Collaborative Work

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Colaboración dinámica (Coursera)

¿Quieres desarrollar habilidades para el trabajo colaborativo? ¿Tienes un proyecto o emprendimiento y deseas gestionar un equipo? ¿Deseas organizar las labores de tu grupo de trabajo? Este curso te permitirá desarrollar habilidades para la planeación del trabajo colaborativo, el desarrollo de planes de comunicación en tu organización o proyecto, [...]

Collaborative Coding with Git (FutureLearn)

Find out how to improve code quality and work collaboratively on large-scale projects using Git. Gain an in-depth introduction to remote collaboration with Git. Git is an enormously powerful and flexible version control system used by over 90% of developers. On this course, you’ll discover ways to visualise and [...]

Collaborative Working in a Remote Team (FutureLearn)

Learn how to work effectively and collaboratively with your team, whether you're at home or on the other side of the world. Discover project planning and collaboration tools for working remotely. Today, work happens in different locations and in less traditional ways. More of us than ever spend time [...]