Sep 18th 2017

Scandinavian Film and Television (Coursera)

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In many ways Scandinavian film and television is a global cultural brand, connected with and exporting some of the cultural and social values connected to a liberal and progressive welfare society. This course deals with the social, institutional and cultural background of film and television in Scandinavia and in a broader European and global context.


Week 1: Contemporary Scandinavian Film and Television Culture: Main Trends

Week 2: Carl Th. Dreyer and the Classical Scandinavian Cinema

Week 3: Ingmar Bergman: Between Classicism and Modernism

Week 4: Lars von Trier and Dogma 95

Week 5: Scandinavian New Wave Cinema

Week 6: Scandinavian Art Film and Social Drama after 1990

Week 7: The Scandinavian Documentary

Week 8: Scandinavian Television Drama 1960-2000

Week 9: Scandinavian Television Drama After 2000

Week 10: Transnational Scandinavia: Scandinavian Film and Television in the Global and Digital Era

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