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Sep 25th 2017

Este curso es para activistas, artistas y pensadores que deseen entender mejor el cambio social y participar en él. El contenido del curso enfoca en la coincidencia prolífica y emocionante entre el arte socialmente comprometido y prácticas culturales generadas por recientes movimientos sociales en todo el mundo. Más que evaluar la eficacia política de actividades como el luto, la escucha, la organización, el baile, o la fiesta, las conferencias examinan tales actividades culturales al lado y dentro de la práctica artística contemporánea.

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Sep 25th 2017

This course is for activists, artists, and thinkers who wish to better understand and participate in social change. We will focus on the prolific and exciting overlap between socially engaged art and cultural practices generated by recent social movements around the world. Rather than assess the political efficacy of activities like mourning, listening, organizing, dancing, or partying, the lectures examine such cultural activities next to, and within, contemporary art practice.

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Have we become enslaved to technology? Is our fear of losing control our greatest danger? Director of the Forum for European Philosophy Simon Glendinning explores Heidegger, art and freedom.

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Oct 11th 2016

This Art History course investigates the role of the French avant-garde in developing and showcasing new modern forms and approaches to art and visual culture in the 19th century. The material addresses the most critical issues of modernity from Realism through Post-Impressionism. We will cover the stylistic changes that challenged academic art, the new subjects that confounded modern audiences, and the new roles and authority of the modern artist.

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Apr 6th 2015

From da Vinci to Zhang Xu, Wu Daozi and Warhol, explore immortal works of Western and Chinese art and gain an appreciation of culture, history and civilization

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Self Paced

This course consists of visual art history from pre-historic cultures through the ancient styles, pre renaissance art & early renaissance art & includes studies in African, pre-Columbian, Asian & Native American Arts 25,000 B.C.E. to 1300 C.E.

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Oct 20th 2013


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