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Grabación y postproducción musical dentro y fuera del estudio (Coursera)

En este curso aprenderás a elaborar una producción musical con Ardour. Vamos a trabajar la preproducción, grabación y postproducción de un proyecto musical. Al término, podrás discernir cuándo es que tu arreglo musical está listo para grabación, cómo escoger los micrófonos y posicionamientos adecuados para los mismos, [...]

Tecnología musical con software libre: Proyecto final (Coursera)

Bienvenidas y bienvenidos a nuestro curso final. Después de haber concluido seis intensos cursos en los que vimos distintas aproximaciones a la tecnología musical, llegó el momento de aplicar todo lo que vimos en un único proyecto final. Como hemos insistido a lo largo del programa especializado, lo más [...]

Explore Management Concepts through Metaphor and Music (Coursera)

Jul 4th 2022
Explore Management Concepts through Metaphor and Music (Coursera)
Course Auditing
How can exploring and analysing music and metaphors help us to better understand management, work organisations, working lives, and ultimately ourselves too? As you set out on your journey through this innovative course, the answers to these questions will be revealed. Through the lens of metaphor and music, you [...]

Intimacy of Creativity: Entering the Minds of Composers (Coursera)

Bright Sheng guides us through three works — by Brahms, Beethoven, and Sheng — for an intimate look inside the composer's mind. This course strives to give students a new appreciation of music, based on an understanding of the craft behind each work. This class is perfect for those [...]

Teaching Popular Music in the Classroom (Coursera)

Teaching Popular Music in the Classroom explores approaches to teaching popular music from culturally rich communities in the United States. Students in the course will learn teaching methods that engage youth with the basics of improvisation, technology, songwriting, arranging film score, and writing to the strengths of small bands. [...]

Guitar Chord Voicings: Playing Up The Neck (Coursera)

Whether you’re just picking up the guitar for the first time or you’ve been playing the guitar for years and want to take your playing to the next level, Guitar Chords 101 will help you develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of chords. Guitar Chords 101 presents Berklee’s approach [...]

Art of the MOOC: Experiments with Sound (Coursera)

Students of this course may try their hand at their own sound interventions and musical compositions, or simply focus on learning more about diverse musical traditions, sonic experimentation, and acoustic phenomena in everyday life. Designed by artist and Duke professor, Pedro Lasch, and UdK composer Mathias Hinke, this course [...]

Exploring Beethoven's Piano Sonatas Part 5 (Coursera)

Welcome to Exploring Beethoven's Piano Sonatas Part 5! You’re joining thousands of learners currently enrolled in the course. I'm excited to have you in the class and look forward to your contributions to the learning community.

Creativity And Entrepreneurship (Coursera)

Creativity & Entrepreneurship will help you tap into your inner creativity and learn how to leverage it for career development or business innovation. Presented by Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship founder Panos Panay, this course features interviews with world renown entrepreneurs, innovators, songwriters, producers, creative directors, educators, performers, visual [...]

Composição: Escrevendo a letra (Coursera)

Existe um compositor dentro de você, rondando, indagando se é o momento certo de se revelar. Agora é. Este curso é um convite para deixar que o compositor que existe dentro de você saia ao sol. Tudo que você precisa é de um "sim" e você estará subindo aquela [...]