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Aug 14th 2017

Our relationship to Beethoven is a deep and paradoxical one. For many musicians, he represents a kind of holy grail: His music has an intensity, rigor, and profundity which keep us in its thrall, and it is perhaps unequalled in the interpretive, technical, and even spiritual challenges it poses to performers. At the same time, Beethoven’s music is casually familiar to millions of people who do not attend concerts or consider themselves musically inclined. Two hundred years after his death, he is everywhere in the culture, yet still represents its summit. This course takes an inside-out look at the 32 piano sonatas from the point of view of a performer.

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Self Paced

This course is designed to help you develop better technique at the piano through different exercises and lessons on technique. This course will take most students several months to complete.

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Sep 13th 2016

The piano remains one of the great achievements of musical instrument design and has long served as a primary creative tool for musicians worldwide. In this course, we will look at how the piano’s design touches on a range of diverse topics, like: where musical scales from and how the piano’s design impacts creativity; the expressive relationship between various keyboard instrument designs; the extraordinary range of color that emerges when we listen closely to how various intervals can be tuned, and in turn the choices we need to make when tuning a keyboard instrument.

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Mar 29th 2016

Este curso no universitario acerca al alumno al compositor del Romanticismo Johannes Brahms y sus últimas obras para piano. Comenzaremos por situar al compositor en su momento histórico-artístico. Nos iremos introduciendo poco a poco en sus piezas para piano tardías hasta centrarnos en el estudio de una de ellas a través de grandes maestros del piano.

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