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Oct 17th 2016

This course will show you how to build a massive open online course (MOOC), including lots of tips and tricks, at an affordable cost. It covers content creation and content sourcing from the web, assessment at large scale using quizzes and peer assignments, communication between learners and course design. Not only will this course show you how to build a MOOC, it will provide you with support from tutors and fellow participants for four months. Depending on your level of interest, it will require between two and four hours of effort per week. This course is offered by a team from five European institutions working in content development, online learning and MOOCs.

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Nov 2nd 2015

L’objectif de cette formation est d’appréhender les principaux aspects de la conception d’un MOOC : de la propriété intellectuelle à l’ingénierie pédagogique en passant par la gestion de projet. La formation est essentiellement axée autour de problèmes pratiques ; elle s’adresse à toute personne s’intéressant aux MOOC, que l’objectif soit d’en créer un ou simplement de s'informer.

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Self Paced

Welcome to the Mooc on how to create and run an effective MOOC. The fundamental ideas are not hard but that may be a bit different to the ways you have approached teching before. In this course we will help you create your first MOOC and guide in designing and making it an effective and successful course. Teachers of effective MOOCS find the experience very enjoyable a fulfilling. We will do our best to help you experience this pleasure!

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Jun 23rd 2014

The course offers a review of (at least) the business, legal, pedagogical and technical aspects of MOOCs, destined to higher education professionals who might feel threatened by them in terms of job security.

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Jan 20th 2014

The Deeper Learning MOOC (DLMOOC) is a collaborative exploration of deeper learning and putting progressive theory into real practice by looking at what education could and should be about.

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