Sep 25th 2017

The Power of Team Culture (Coursera)

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Behind the success and failure of teams lies team culture. But what exactly is culture? How and why does it contribute to success and failure? In this course, you will learn how to recognize aspects of team culture of which most people are normally unaware.

It is often these seemingly unimportant aspects that have the greatest effect on the outcomes of group tasks. Your recognition of them will enable you to more effectively form, join, and lead teams. You will also come to appreciate the role of ritual and symbols in the daily operation of teams, as well as in situations of change and crisis. Knowledge of the ideas and information in this class will enable you to be not only a better team player but also a more effective team leader.


Week 1: Course Overview

Week 2: Why Culture Matters in Organizations

Week 3: Crossing Cultural Boundaries

Week 4: Team Rituals and Symbols

Week 5: Effecting Cultural Continuity and Change

Course 1 of 5 in the Culture-Driven Team Building Specialization.

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