Team Culture

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Valuing Excellence (Coursera)

Welcome to Leading StandOut Teams: Valuing Excellence! In this course we’ll discuss how team culture and environment make a big difference to individual and organizational success; help you define success for and with your team; and explore how you can create the conditions that make your team feel comfortable [...]

Como engajar equipes e criar cultura em ambientes virtuais (Coursera)

O programa é muito útil tanto para líderes quanto para membros de equipes virtuais. Os conhecimentos obtidos permite que você forme, participe e lidere equipes de maneira mais eficaz, principalmente em situações de mudança e transformação digital. O processo de aprendizagem é dinâmico, interativo e prático. Neste programa [...]

The Power of Team Culture (Coursera)

Behind the success and failure of teams lies team culture. But what exactly is culture? How and why does it contribute to success and failure? In this course, you learn how to recognize aspects of team culture of which most people are typically unaware. It is often these seemingly [...]

Creating a Team Culture of Continuous Learning (Coursera)

There is mounting concern that organizational groups and teams often fail to learn from their past experiences. It’s pertinent to address this issue as groups and teams are often the main ways that work gets done in organizations. In this course, we examine the main reasons that groups [...]