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Eva Novrup Redvall, is associate professor in film and media studies, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen. She is a specialist in Scandinavian television culture and the transnational dimensions of Scandinavian cinema. She is the author of Writing and Producing Television Drama: From The Kingdom to The Killing (2013). She is the co-author of The Danish Directors 2: Dialogues on the New Danish Fiction Cinema (2010), A Small Region in a Global World. Patterns in Scandinavian Film and Media Culture (2011) and The Danish Directors 3: Dialogues on the New Danish Documentary Cinema (2013)

More info: http://mcc.ku.dk/staff/?id=35559&vis=medarbejder

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Aug 21st 2017

In many ways Scandinavian film and television is a global cultural brand, connected with and exporting some of the cultural and social values connected to a liberal and progressive welfare society. This course deals with the social, institutional and cultural background of film and television in Scandinavia and in a broader European and global context.

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