Digital Revolution

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Digital Fashion Mindset (Coursera)

Digital Fashion Mindset is a collaboration between Parsons School of Design at The New School and The Digital Fashion Group Academy. This course teaches you to recognize the significance of the digital revolution in historical and present-day contexts and how it relates to the fashion industry’s ability to [...]

Computational Social Science Methods (Coursera)

This course gives you an overview of the current opportunities and the omnipresent reach of computational social science. The results are all around us, every day, reaching from the services provided by the world’s most valuable companies, over the hidden influence of governmental agencies, to the power of social [...]

Legal Tech and the Digital Transformation of Law (Coursera)

The digital revolution changed the way we communicate and trade. Now, it is coming into the world of law. This program will give you a broad overview of the main trends that are affecting the legal industry: the birth of the legal tech market and the application of technology in [...]

Scandinavian Film and Television (Coursera)

IIn many ways Scandinavian film and television is a global cultural brand, connected with and exporting some of the cultural and social values connected to a liberal and progressive welfare society. This course deals with the social, institutional and cultural background of film and television in Scandinavia and in [...]

Processamento Digital de Sinais - Amostragem (Coursera)

Nesse curso, você irá entender um ingrediente fundamental da revolução digital: a amostragem, que permite que sinais como músicas e imagens sejam armazenados e processados em dispositivos digitais.

Digital Dividends: Strengthening the Analog Foundation of the Digital Revolution (edX)

From the World Development Report (WDR) 2016, learn what the internet and related digital technologies can do for your family, business, city and country. Using a variety of learning tools and methodologies, this course will help you understand the role that the internet plays in economic development, and in [...]