eTourism: Communication Perspectives (iversity)

Swiss made MOOC to walk you through a terrific journey into eTourism and online communication. You will feel the pulse of ICTs and enjoy the beauty of Switzerland as a globally renowned tourism destination. Time to travel. Join today.

An introduction course to a fascinating travel into the eTourism world, which crosses both space and time, and is always closely connected with communication. In fact, we are embarking to create a great study experience, which explores how Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) do matter for tourism – both for our personal experience, and for the tourism industry at large. In other words, we will together explore eTourism by using tools and models of the Communication Sciences.

Key concepts and theories covered include: Online Communication Model (OCM); Roman Jakobson's Communication Model; Quality of online contents; User Generated Content (UGC); Web 2.0; Reputation in online Media; Intercultural communication and localisation; eLearning; Argumentation; World Heritage Sites.

By the end of the course, learners:

- Know current eTourism applications, technologies and practices

- Know what is communication, and its major components, ICTs and their relevance to the tourism field

- Know what kinds of online training courses can be used within tourism and hospitality

- Know how to map different communication activities within the tourism sector

- Know how to run a usability test and how to make usages analysis of a website or mobile app

- Know how to plan, run and evaluate eTourism related activities, especially when it comes to the analysis of online reputation of a tourism destination

- Are aware of the crucial role played by communication and ICTs within the tourism and hospitality sectors