Process Management

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Sistem Operasi dan Anda: Menjadi Pengguna yang Berdaya (Coursera)

Dalam materi ini — melalui kombinasi pembelajaran melalui video, demonstrasi, dan praktik langsung — Anda akan belajar tentang komponen utama sistem operasi dan cara melakukan sejumlah tugas penting seperti mengelola perangkat lunak dan pengguna, serta mengonfigurasi perangkat keras.

Sistemas operativos y tú: Convertirse en un usuario avanzado (Coursera)

En este curso, a través de una combinación de conferencias de video, demostraciones y prácticas, aprenderás acerca de los componentes principales de un sistema operativo y cómo realizar tareas críticas tales como administrar software y usuarios, y configurar hardware. Vamos a terminar con un ejemplo de cómo puede aparecer [...]

Follow a Machine Learning Workflow (Coursera)

Aug 15th 2022
Follow a Machine Learning Workflow (Coursera)
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Machine learning is not just a single task or even a small group of tasks; it is an entire process, one that practitioners must follow from beginning to end. It is this process—also called a workflow—that enables the organization to get the most useful results out of their machine [...]
Aug 15th 2022
Course Auditing
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Introduction to Operations Management (Coursera)

Learn to analyze and improve business processes in services or in manufacturing by learning how to increase productivity and deliver higher quality standards. Key concepts include process analysis, bottlenecks, flows rates, and inventory levels, and more.

Pilotage des organisations et processus métiers - PILOPRO's 2019 (FUN)

Le MOOC PILOPRO's s’inscrit dans la continuité du premier MOOC « Introduction à la cartographie des processus métiers – CartoPro’s ». Après avoir appris à élaborer une cartographie selon la norme BPMN (Business Process Model Notation), ce MOOC vous permet de vous former à l’application de la gestion [...]

How to simplify your process execution with Signavio Workflow Accelerator (mooc house)

Designed for workflow modelers, our objective is to teach you firstly the theoretical basics of workflow management, and secondly how you can begin modeling and automating workflows in Signavio Workflow Accelerator yourself. Through animations, tutorial videos, and a practical exercise, you will strengthen your knowledge and gain experience using [...]

Gain from the Power of Lean Six Sigma (WizIQ)

A good understanding of Lean Six Sigma concept is an indispensable knowledge for today’s aspiring professional or B-school student. If you are looking to get yourself up-to-speed in Lean Six Sigma, then this course is the best way to do so. By the end of the course you will [...]