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Auditing II: The Practice of Auditing (Coursera)

This course provides a continuation of the intensive conceptual and applied introduction to auditing in society begun in Auditing I: Conceptual Foundations of Auditing. It focuses on a conceptual framework that is applied by audit professionals to assess, evaluate, and manage audit risks and [...]

Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies (Coursera)

In this course, you will learn best practices for how to use data analytics to make any company more competitive and more profitable. You will be able to recognize the most critical business metrics and distinguish them from mere data. You’ll get a clear picture of the vital but [...]

Introducción a los Sistemas de Información Gerencial (MIS): Una guía de supervivencia (edX)

Obtén las habilidades y el conocimiento necesarios para tener éxito en un mundo corporativo dominado por los sistemas de información gerencial (SIG o MIS). Los omnipresentes Sistemas de Información Gerencial (SIG) o Management Information Systems (MIS) juegan un papel crítico en el actual panorama profesional. Desde los sistemas de [...]

Operational Context and Data (Coursera)

By the end of this course, learners are empowered to implement data-driven process improvement objectives at their organization. The course covers: the business case for IoT (Internet of Things), the strategic importance of aligning operations and performance goals, best practices for collecting data, and facilitating a process mapping activity [...]

Analítica de Procesos: Optimización desde los Datos (Coursera)

El entorno empresarial y de innovación requiere y requerirá cada vez más profesionales capaces de conectar los datos con el análisis de procesos. Esta habilidad posibilita formas inteligentes de entender y mejorar continuamente la cambiante operación de las empresas: las mantiene vivas y competitivas. La analítica de procesos proporciona [...]

Fundamentals of Organization (Coursera)

Organization is a fundamental theme to understand the real functioning of each company or, more in general, of any institution, and it is part of the basic know-how of each manager. Organization design implies decisions on how work is subdivided and how coordination between the various activities and people [...]

Cloud Computing Engineering and Management (edX)

Learn methods for managing cloud computing projects and build an understanding of the various risks and compliance issues involved. This course, part of the Cloud Computing MicroMasters program, focuses on commonly encountered management issues with the adoption and implementation of cloud computing. Examples include: Cloud migration, Cloud Requests for [...]

Practices of Digital Transformation (Coursera)

The course “Practices of digital transformations”, developed by SPbU together with ETU , contains the necessary materials for digitalization of business processes of an enterprise in the context of modern infocommunication infrastructures. The course contains information on methods and models for assessing the digital maturity of infocommunication infrastructure, cognitive [...]

Starting a Business 4: Business Processes (FutureLearn)

Jul 25th 2022
Starting a Business 4: Business Processes (FutureLearn)
Course Auditing
Understand how business works and performance can be improved so that you can take your business forward and manage growth. A successful business relies on processes and information systems; it is important that an entrepreneur pays close attention to how their business works and how performance can be improved [...]

Estimating ML-Models Financial Impact (Coursera)

This course covers the basics of financial impact estimation for machine learning models deployed in business processes. We will discuss the general approaches to financial estimation, consider the applications to credit scoring and marketing response models, and focus on the relationship between statistical model quality metrics and financial results, [...]