Business Process Modeling

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Business Analysis Process (Coursera)

The Business Analysis Process course will give you a foundational understanding of the process of business analysis and will introduce you to a framework that can be used within a variety of industries and organizations. You’ll see how an analyst assesses a business problem, prepares business requirements, and implements [...]

Business Process Modelling (Coursera)

May 20th 2024
Business Process Modelling (Coursera)
Course Auditing
Learn to capture and optimize business processes using specialized diagrams. Convert insights from stakeholder interviews and document analysis into concise and precise models. Understand various notations and select the best one for your needs. This comprehensive course covers process identification, capturing, documenting, and adapting models for different [...]

BPMN meets DMN: Business Process and Decision Modeling (openHPI)

This course introduces concepts of business process modeling using the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) industry standard. Participants will learn the elements of process models and their precise meaning. Based on a thorough understanding of business process models, the last part of the course covers decision models using [...]