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Aug 21st 2017

This course aims to provide a succinct overview of the emerging discipline of Materials Informatics at the intersection of materials science, computational science, and information science. Attention is drawn to specific opportunities afforded by this new field in accelerating materials development and deployment efforts.

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Jul 31st 2017

Interprofessional Healthcare Informatics is a graduate-level, hands-on interactive exploration of real informatics tools and techniques offered by the University of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota's National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education. We will be incorporating technology-enabled educational innovations to bring the subject matter to life. Over the 10 modules, we will create a vital online learning community and a working healthcare informatics network.

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Jun 12th 2017

Il corso mostra, tramite alcuni esempi, una delle possibilità offerta dalla diffusione dei calcolatori nel mondo che ci circonda: comunicare con gli oggetti usando "il linguaggio", per programmarli e realizzare idee altrimenti impossibili.

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Feb 20th 2017

Les lycéennes et lycéens de toutes sections commencent à apprendre de l'informatique pour ne plus être de simples consommateurs mais devenir créateur du numérique : c’est l’enseignement de l'option "Informatique et Création Numérique, I.C.N.", de la seconde à la terminale pour toutes les sections.

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Self Paced

This course presents a wide ranging discussion of informatics and analytics in sport contexts. There are some introductory ideas for those new to this field of study and practice. One of the features of the course will be the contributions experts in the field will make. The course has some exciting global connections to energise and develop.

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Oct 1st 2015

Instalación del programa y manejo de sus herramientas (de dibujo, selcción y tranformación).
Aclaración de procedimientos como descarga de imágenes, su creación, adquisición desde diversos dispositivos, impresión, etc…

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May 21st 2015

Dans notre société hyper informatisée, la protection des données est devenue un sujet central. Ce cours présente les règles applicables en matière de protection des données et de la vie privée sur internet.

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Apr 14th 2015

Das Modewort Apps ist in aller Munde. Aber wie funktioniert eigentlich eine solche Applikation? Und wie kann man Computer-Programme selbst schreiben? Dieser Kurs vermittelt die Grundlagen der Informatik und führt in die Programmiersprache Java ein.

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Oct 26th 2014

Computer haben unser Leben tiefgreifend verändert. Um die heutige Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft und deren stetigen Veränderungen zu verstehen, muss man wissen, wie Computer funktionieren. Das Ziel der Vorlesung Informatik für Ökonomen ist es, Ihnen eine Basis zu vermitteln, um unsere informationstechnisch gesteuerte Welt zu verstehen und darin erfolgreich zu sein.

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Self Paced Course - Start anytime

The course of logic and legal informatics is divided into two sections. The first, is applied to the analysis of legal reasoning, therefore, of 'interpretation and argumentation. The second, however, relates to that particular relationship that is established between law and computer science, or more generally between law and new technologies.

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