Digital Transformation Leadership MicroMasters

What you will learn
- Techniques for oversight of agile development, rapid prototyping, experimentation and risk management to manage digital projects.
- Harness data to improve business decisions.
- Lead people and teams in dynamic environments.
- Transform your business model to succeed within digital disruptions.
- Develop platform based strategies for growth and innovation.

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Digital Transformation Strategy (edX)

Strategies for driving business success in the new digital economy. Want to be the leader with the winning business strategy for the digital future? Ambitious digital-driven startups are creating and cornering new markets in every sector. And yet, most legacy businesses continue to operate by old playbooks. Most are [...]

Leading in the Digital Age (edX)

Jun 29th 2022
Leading in the Digital Age (edX)
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Develop a new leadership mindset and the leadership skill sets required to lead digital transformation in your organization. The Digital Age is here. It is enabling the most comprehensive transformation of our work and personal life in history. The Digital Age promises a more prosperous and fulfilling life for [...]

Platform Strategy for Business (edX)

Learn how to design, launch, monetize and compete in a networked platform market. Firms such as Apple, Alibaba, Facebook, SalesForce, Uber and Yelp operate as platform ecosystems that match buyers and sellers, gain value and market share from network effects, and harness their users to innovate. This course teaches [...]

Business Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making (edX)

Learn how to lead your firm to make better business decisions using analytic methods and create competitive advantages from data. Virtually all managerial and leadership positions in the digital economy increasingly rely on data-driven decision making. Recent studies have shown companies who adopt “Data-Driven Decision Management” achieve significant productivity [...]

Product Management with Lean, Agile and System Design Thinking (edX)

Learn how to use lean, agile and systems design thinking in all aspects of the digital products lifecycle. Strong product management drives successful business model implementation. Learn about the key decisions, underlying tradeoffs, and implementation decisions needed for each phase of the product life and master business and organizational [...]