Tony Cox

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Customer Data Analytics for Marketers (Coursera)

This course introduces marketing data analytics, focusing on the crucial concepts of correlation and causality. Learners will explore statistical concepts and tools to analyze and interpret marketing data, leading to more informed and impactful marketing strategies.

Regression Modeling for Marketers (Coursera)

"Regression Modeling for Marketers" is a specialized course designed to elevate marketing professionals' analytical skills. Focusing on regression analysis, the course enables learners to quantify, explain, and predict marketing outcomes using both simple and multiple linear regression models. This course stands out by not only teaching the creation and [...]

Machine Learning for Marketers (Coursera)

"Machine Learning for Marketers" is an advanced course tailored for professionals looking to integrate machine learning into their marketing strategies. This course uniquely focuses on both predictive analytics and decision-making, using supervised learning methods to analyze and forecast customer behavior. Participants will learn to implement advanced machine learning techniques, [...]

Time, Change, and Decisions for Marketing (Coursera)

"Time, Change, and Decisions for Marketing" shows how advanced analytics can be used to adapt and optimize marketing strategies in response to evolving market conditions. Unique to this course is the integration of advanced analytics into strategic marketing decision-making, equipping learners with the skills and knowledge to lead [...]