Influence Essentials for Leadership and Marketing (edX)

Influence Essentials for Leadership and Marketing (edX)
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Influence Essentials for Leadership and Marketing (edX)
Discover ‘Influence’– the attribute that can affect emotions and sway individual or group actions. Recognize the subtleties of this attribute and develop the skill to use this understanding to manage people and market to people. Influence plays an important role in nurturing human thoughts, ideas, and concepts. As children, we are influenced by our parents, teachers, and friends. As we grow up, peer influence and other external influences play an important role in our decision making.

MOOC List is learner-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

While influencing or being influenced is a natural phenomenon, scientific analysis and methodical application can help in shaping human behaviour. Influence is not just about the gift of the gab or talking to people, it is about taking charge and making people see, understand, and agree with one’s perspective. Influence is also about understanding the way various aspects must come together to appeal to the other person’s views & emotions. Interestingly, unlike our attempt to control, our attempt to influence may not require our conscious intent, as we influence easily by being who we are, saying what we say, and doing what we do and leading by example.

This course delineates the concept, significance, and approach to influence along with the methods, techniques, and skills of influencing for sustainable organizational success. It provides an understanding of the difference between “Power” and “Influence” and discusses various facets of influence, types of influence, consumer psychology, and how to understand and apply influence and persuasion to manage organisations and affect customer behaviour.

Thus, create a mindset that the “ability to influence” is so much more important and satisfying than the “ability to control”.

Topics Covered

* Meaning, concept, and significance of Influence

* Types and stages of Influence

* Techniques and skills associated with the process of Influence

* Customer decision-making process

* Impact of influence on the customer decision-making process

* Influencer Marketing, Concept and Types

* Role of Influencer Marketing in business

What you'll learn

* The meaning and significance of Influence

* Difference between power and influence

* Difference between Influence and Persuasion

* Skills for Effective Influence - Communication and Reasoning, Assertiveness, Interpersonal and Interactive Skills.

* Influencers and their characteristics

* Elements of Leadership and People Management

* Influencing for effective Leadership and People Management

* Impact of Influence in Marketing

* Adapting to Influencing Techniques – Rational, Social and Emotional approach to influencing

* The Realm of Influencer Marketing

- Benefits and Future of Influencer Marketing


Week 1 : The Realm of Influence - Meaning, Concept and Significance

Week 2 : Techniques & Skills for Effective Influence – Learning and adapting to key Influencing Techniques & Skills

Week 3 : Leveraging Influence for Leadership and People Management

Week 4 : Influencing Customer Decisions – Applicability of Influence for Marketing of products and services

Week 5 : Influencer Marketing – Identifying and empowering influencers for brand building.

MOOC List is learner-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.