Mar 23rd 2015

Design and Deliver Blended Learning (Canvas net)

This course introduces Blended Learning to the Adult Educator who wants to learn how to develop and facilitate a blended learning programme to make the learning more self-directed, collaborative and effective.

There are 4 primary learning units of about 30 to 60 minutes each and the course should be completed in sequence. The course is designed to provide exposure to different concepts, tools and techniques that you may find useful. Feel free to skimp over what you already know or find less useful for your purpose. However, you are highly encouraged to give all the learning activities (see asterisked items below) a go!

Learning Outcomes and Course Approach:

In addition to acquiring foundational knowledge on blended learning, you will obtain practical pointers that enable you to:

- design effective learning experiences that incorporate both classroom learning and online learning; and

- deploy a variety of face-to-face and online strategies to deliver blended learning effectively.

To get the most out of the course, learning activities that require you to reflect on your current practice and make real-time decisions in interactive scenarios have been included.

You will also be supported to develop a basic blended learning blueprint to get you started on your own journey of learning and experimentation.