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Biobased Economy Green Chemistry (Canvas Network)

This self-paced online course, powered by Avans Hogeschool and HZ University of Applied Sciences, brings you online instructional videos, exercises, interesting guest speakers and discussions. We focus on such aspects as biorefinery, nutrients, biopolymers and bioenergy, and many more. You receive an overview of the entire chain from several [...]
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Making MOOCs on a budget (Canvas Network)

This course will show you how to build a massive open online course (MOOC), including lots of tips and tricks, at an affordable cost. It covers content creation and content sourcing from the web, assessment at large scale using quizzes and peer assignments, communication between learners and course design. [...]
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System Validation (Canvas Network)

Anyone who has ever designed an embedded system or a communication protocol involving several components executing simultaneously knows that such software is inherently susceptible to bugs. Typical problems include race conditions, deadlocks, and unexpected interplay between different components. The parallel nature of these systems makes it notoriously hard to [...]
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Creative Box - English (Canvas net)

Innovation is a major part of business success. But what is innovation and how do you innovate? Can anyone do it, in business or in everyday life? We think the answer to that question is yes, and we want to help you discover how by sharing a simple process [...]
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Science of Relationships (Canvas net)

Free relationship advice: Who couldn't use that, right? And from an expert with a scientific perspective no less! Have you ever wondered what makes your significant other tick? Why you're attracted to the people you are? How to best nurture a relationship? Or how to get through a breakup?
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Exploring the Student Affairs in Higher Education Profession (Canvas net)

Do you enjoy working with college students and are looking for a career where you can make an impact within their lives? Or maybe you’re a student affairs professional who needs to brush up on best practices in the field? Exploring the Student Affairs in Higher Education Profession free [...]
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Creative Box - French (Canvas net)

L’innovation est une dimension majeure de la réussite des entreprises. Mais qu’est-ce qu’innover et comment innove-t-on ? Tout le monde en est-il capable, dans une entreprise ou dans la vie de tous les jours ? Nous pensons que oui et c’est ce que nous voulons vous faire découvrir en [...]
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Introductory Course to Economics (Canvas net)

The course has been created by lecturers at the International Business School (IBS), part of Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, based in the Netherlands. This is the first time a Dutch university has launched a MOOC in introductory-level economics.
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Tourism Industry Analysis (

This course examines basic and broad knowledge of economic impact modeling and Tourism Satellite Accounts, focusing on measurement of tourism as an industry.
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Navigating Your Professional Future (Canvas net)

Are you entering the world of work for the first time, changing careers or professional direction? Either way, in an increasingly competitive job market it pays to plan and think ahead. This course provides you with planning tools and strategies to help you achieve your career goals.
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