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Data Collection: Online, Telephone and Face-to-face (Coursera)

This course presents research conducted to increase our understanding of how data collection decisions affect survey errors. This is not a “how–to-do-it” course on data collection, but instead reviews the literature on survey design decisions and data quality in order to sensitize learners to how alternative survey designs might [...]

Respecting Our Differences Online (FutureLearn)

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Respecting Our Differences Online (FutureLearn)
Free Course
Learn how technology can be used to share a diverse range of opinions and ideas, and amplify underrepresented voices online. Explore how our differences of opinion can bring us closer together. On this course, you’ll explore ways to make the online world safe for everyone and learn how we [...]

Field Research (Totem)

Why field research matters (case study Iran). This course on Field Research for journalists can be taken independently or in tandem with the course on desk research in the field of journalism. The goal of this course is to help address risks inherent in conducting field investigations in a [...]

Desk Research (Totem)

Outsmart your search engine. In this course on Desk Research for journalism, you will gain knowledge on best ways to use the Internet to collect data for investigations, including: finding documents and numbers; optimizing your Google Search results; and searching for specific sources.

How to bypass internet censorship (Totem)

How to stop censorship stopping you... and improve your online privacy and security. Across the world, the internet connects us to each other and to what sometimes seems like an unlimited amount of information. In some countries such as Iran, however, the internet is censored by the State. This [...]

Introduction to Online Learning (Canvas net)

This course provides an introduction to elearning expectations; elearning basic skills and strategies; and elearning resources which support student success. This course is designed for students interested in taking online college courses and/or becoming more successful online college students. There are no prerequisites for this [...]