Create an Expert LinkedIn Profile for Job Search (Canvas net)

Create an Expert LinkedIn Profile for Job Search (Canvas net)
Boasting about 300 million users, LinkedIn is undeniably the largest professional network in the world. In recent years, LinkedIn has rapidly gained unparalleled importance in networking, personal branding, and job searching. More than 94% of recruiters and hiring managers reportedly began using LinkedIn to vet candidates, making the professional network a resource that job seekers can no longer afford to overlook.

This five-week course is designed to help participants create a highly functional LinkedIn profile for job search purposes. Each week is designed to get participants one step closer to creating their own expertly-designed LinkedIn profiles. In these five weeks, participants will:

- Understand the importance of using LinkedIn to establish a career in North America.

- Receive step by step instruction from our experts on how to create and improve a profile.

- Create a LinkedIn-style resume.

- Build a LinkedIn network with meaningful contacts.

- Discover ways to drive traffic to the LinkedIn profile.

- Begin using LinkedIn as an effective personal branding tool and take it to the next level.

The information, tools, and tips in this course will benefit anyone who does not already have a solid LinkedIn profile or any profile at all. However, much of the material in this course has been designed specifically for people immigrating to North America, for they face more difficulties in adapting to North American workplace culture and labour market standards. Hence, this course would be especially beneficial for active job seekers who are new to Canada or to the United States, or are preparing to immigrate to these counties.